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Aero-TV At OSH21: The Pro Max Is Here – And Certified

Time To Upgrade Your Avionics

It’s time to upgrade your avionics, according to John Uczekaj, President and CEO of Aspen Avionics. 

The company announced on the second day of Oshkosh the availability of its Pro Max to integrate with Genesis 3100 autopilot, allowing users to control the autopilot directly from the display.

Uczekaj spoke with us at Oshkosh about the new technology.

“We announced today that the Pro Max provides an interface with the autopilot that allows you to control the autopilot from the display. You’ll be able to pre-select altitudes, speed selection, vertical speed selection on the physical display in front of you without having to divert your attention away from your primary instruments to an autopilot panel,” he said.

“We’ve always been able to interface with the analog autopilots that are out there,” Uczekaj continued. “There has been a big movement in the industry towards digital autopilots. We announced the integration with the Genesis 3100 autopilot which we think is a fabulous autopilot. It brings a lot of safety-enhancing features to it, it brings digital technology into the autopilot world.”

The company has also become a part of the Airo Group. Aspen will be the central integrator for the avionics technologies for many of the companies in the Airo Group, while remaining a general aviation company. 

Airo group has a wide range of companies in a variety of spaces including mobility, AI, drone services. Aspen intends to continue to serve the general aviation community. They look forward to bringing back the wide range of technologies they work with inside the group back to the GA community, and to serve as a competitive advantage. 

“While we are excited to be a part of their mobility space, we are equally if not more excited for what that means to the general aviation space,” Uczekaj concludes.

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