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Breathing New Life Into Old Styles With The Evans Group

Old is new. Well, according to the Los Angeles clothing manufacturer and fashion production house, The Evans Group (TEG).

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 25, 2022 / — But given its reputation as an independent fashion design haven, it’s no surprise it has its figurative ear to the ground in all things fashion.

In a new article, the notable Los Angeles small batch clothing manufacturer sheds light on the current trends in retro fashion.

Often, one hears the terms ‘retro’ and ‘vintage’ thrown around and used interchangeably. However, there’s a clear difference, and the Los Angeles clothing manufacturer makes sure to delineate between the terms ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’:

“While these two terms are similar, retro refers to the overall aesthetic of the clothing line. Vintage clothes, however, are essentially replicas of clothing of a specific time period.

Instead of pants inspired by 80s fashion trends, vintage fashion is literal pants one would purchase forty years ago. So when clothing manufacturers take on retro vs. vintage clothing orders, the distinction matters.”

According to TEG, it’s a fine line, but one that’s easily distinguishable once one has got the criteria down.

“It’s the difference in creating carbon copies of older clothing and clothing that merely has a similar look and feel.”

In short, literal clothing from the 1970s is vintage. But clothing inspired by that decade is retro. As always, the minds at The Evans Group offer these helpful tidbits to the uninitiated amongst us. TEG offers clear examples of how the past influences the future with three key examples of retro fashion to illustrate further the impact of retro styles on current fashion trends.

Examples Of Retro Fashion

In classic TEG form, the company offers insight into concrete examples of retro fashion trends through specific collections.

For example, the iconic brand Supreme and Burberry teamed up to launch a spring collection. While not branded and advertised as explicitly retro, this fashion collection undeniably shows the influence looks from the past decades have had on this sure-to-popular clothing line.

“Dubbed the ‘Supreme x Burberry 2022 spring collection,’ the fashion collection consists of 1980s-inspired leather track jackets, denim straight from the 1990s, and plaid designs that are right at home at a house party in the 1970s.”

Tracksuits in the collection evoke classic imagery of East Coast B-boys and the beginnings of early hip hop groups like Run DMC. If that’s something that speaks to the audience and their sensibilities, the Supreme and Burberry collection makes it a reality.

Levi’s and Eco-Friendly Wear

Levi’s isn’t just an iconic denim manufacturer. Case in point is the ‘Project Survival’ collection. Focusing on eco-friendly and sustainable fashion practices, the ‘Project Survival’ collection from Levi’s is right at home in the Pacific Northwest, proudly showing off fashion influence from the late 1960s.

If one is a fan of earth tones, beige, old-fashioned denim, and an air of adventure (all made with the environment in mind), then this retro-inspired clothing collection is right up their alley.

“Inspired explicitly by environmental activists at Northwestern University way back, the clothing line combines earth tones, retro denim, and twill.
And, of course, the 1966 501 jeans are the standout retro piece of the collection.”

It’s no surprise that The Evans Group highlighted Levi’s eco-friendly push. Committed to sustainable fashion, TEG has long warned readers and clients about the dangers of fast fashion.

Likewise, the American garment manufacturer is always quick to remind readers about the pros of choosing a domestic clothing manufacturer to help designers create a successful clothing line.

Indie Fashion Design With ELR

Digging a little deeper than heavy hitters like Levi’s and Supreme, TEG further informs readers about retro fashion by bringing up underground fashion designer Eli Russell Linnetz’s brand, ELR.

If one were familiar with Kid Cudi’s appearance at the CFDA awards, they’d already seen what ELR is capable of in fashion.

ELR launched the aptly named FW22 (fall/winter 2022) that screams retro fashion.

“ELR’s particular collection, FW22, blends classic Americana with a quirky look straight from the late 1970s. Linnetz takes these fashion staples and makes them truly unique with his consistent flair for retro mixed with thrift store fare.”

And ELR is the perfect example of retro fashion done right. He takes beloved looks and feelings evocative of specific time periods and ultimately makes them his own.

Creating New Clothes With The Evans Group

Whether the main fashion influences hearken back to decades long past, or into avant-garde fashion, the creative experts at The Evans Group allow independent designers to capitalize on ambition.

It has never been easier to create a luxury fashion brand, especially with TEG’s small batch clothing manufacturing capabilities in the heart of Downtown L.A. With no minimums, TEG offers first-time and long-time independent designers the chance to try out a new clothing line.

Starting with an ever-important fashion mood board session, the creative team at TEG helps the indie fashion designer through every step of the design process. Afterward, the designer meets with the expert Los Angeles pattern makers, and the production team will take over.

The designer will have unfettered access to their design through the process, along with multiple quality checks, something TEG cleverly reminds its readers isn’t a possibility with outsourcing their clothing production.

In short, indie fashion designers the world over have an invaluable resource in Jennifer Evans and The Evans Group.

More About The Evans Group

The Evans Group, founded in 2005, is a full-service fashion development and production house based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since its inception, The Evans Group has worked with over 2,000 clothing brands and designers.
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