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Turnagain Social Club Releases Guide on How Adult Day Services Can Support Family Caregivers

Family Caregiver

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2022 / — Turnagain Social Club has released a guide on how adult day services can support family caregivers. Although a family member has chosen to take care of their loved one, it doesn’t mean they can’t receive help.

Many families choose to take care of their loved ones at home, allowing them to be involved in important family events. They won’t be restricted to coming for big moments but rather see their family grow every day.

Family caregivers take on much responsibility when they choose to help take care of their loved ones. Sometimes it can take up their whole schedule or make it difficult to run a day of errands. However, adult day services are the solution for finding need-based help.

They can still have their family member at home and receive help on days they can’t provide support. The older adult can receive some medical attention if needed at an adult day service. At Turnagain Social Club, they have a registered nurse, dietician, and over 30 caregivers.

The family caregiver doesn’t need to worry about them being left at home alone, but rather be taken care of in a safe place. It also allows older adults to meet new people and build deep relationships.

To help build the connection, they can bond over fun activities, including the following:

• Pet therapy
• Audiobooks
• Music
• R&R
• Sewing/ cross-stitch, knitting
• Fly tying
• Trivia
• Model building
• Computers
• A library
• Exercise equipment
• Board games
• Arts and crafts
• Cooking activities
• Sports
• Virtual fish tank
• Visiting musicians
• Game rooms

Adult day services allow the families to benefit from their loved ones being at home to share valuable moments and receive help when needed. It allows them to continue working, run errands, or take a day to themselves.

Turnagain Social Club offers seniors in Alaska an enriching environment to socialize with others while getting personalized care. The center has its own transportation and can pick seniors up and take them home at the end of the day. Seniors who visit the facility will see the fantastic care and fun they can have.

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Turnagain Social Club
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