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NEW! Pillow Talk Party: Pillow Talk Makeup Secrets in Everyone's Perfect Shade! | Charlotte Tilbury

Darlings, get ready for a PILLOW TALK PARTY! πŸ’“ My award-winning Pillow Talk phenomenon loved by everyone around the world now includes NEW! magical makeup products to flatter everyone, everywhere!

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These ICONIC and NEW! Pillow Talk makeup magic secrets for your eyes, lips, and cheeks will take you from day to date to disco to my PILLOW TALK PARTY, from the NEW! Pillow Talk Dreams Luxury Palette and Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! mascara in the NEW! EYE-ENHANCING Dream Pop shade, to NEW! Pillow Talk Multi Glow highlighters for a GLASS-LIKE, FAIRY GLOW! Pillow Talk is not just a colour, it’s a beautifying world to make your dreams come TRUE…join the Pillow Talk PARTY!

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