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Justine Magazine: Beautycon Stars Share Secrets to Looking & Feeling Beautiful Without Makeup!

Iskra Lawrence, Adriana Lima, Ashley Tisdale, Summer McKeen, Jeannie Mai, Mr. Jay Manuel, Willow Shields, Chantel Jeffries, JoJo Fletcher, Jenn Im, Stephanie Villa, Jessie Paege, Tessa Brooks, Macy Kate, Lupe Netro, Alisha Marie, Erika Costell, Niki and Gabi DeMartino, Yuki Bomb, Mariale Morerro, Jordyn Jones, Khoudia Diop, Mayra Garcia, Sammi Sanchez, Luna Blaise, Loren Gray and so many others shrae their secrets to looking and feeling beautiful without makeup on! Be sure to subscribe for more videos coming soon and go to for more!

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