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SalesHood Launches ENGAGE to Improve Content Effectiveness and Sales Efficiency With Digital Buyer Sites

SalesHood Streamlines the Modern Buyer’s Journey With Smart, Secure and Scalable Digital Buyer Sites to Engage Customers and Prospects

SAN FRANCISCO – August 3, 2022 – (

SalesHood, the leading purpose-built, all-one sales enablement platform, launched ENGAGE to improve sales content effectiveness and sales efficiency. McKinsey shares that “seventy to eighty percent of decision-makers prefer remote human interactions and digital self-service.” With SalesHood, buyers and sellers are better aligned and engaged with hyper-personalized Digital Buyer Sites proven to activate the modern buyer’s journey.

“SalesHood’s Digital Buyer Sites enables our sellers to out-professionalize the competition, build more qualified sales pipeline, and close more business, faster,” Jeremy Kirsch, Head of Global Enablement,

Key Capabilities of ENGAGE Include:

  • Personalized Digital Buyer Sites: Customer teams create, clone, and share new Digital Buyer Sites with personalized videos, content, and engagement tracking.
  • Digital Buyer Site Templates: Align teams and boost effectiveness by creating a library of Digital Buyer Site templates for customer teams including content recommendations mapped to selling scenarios and sales stages.
  • Buyer Engagement Insights: Measure and visualize content and contact-level buyer insights.
  • Peer-Accelerated Collaboration: Customer teams replicate success by using peer Digital Buyer Sites with high engagement and impact.
  • Contact-Level Security Permissions: Create public and private Digital Buyer Sites by inviting contacts to authenticate using Google SSO, Microsoft SSO, or an email with a magic link.

“We’re responding to the heightened market demand and changing buying habits by automating how customers engage buyers more effectively and efficiently,” said Elay Cohen, CEO, SalesHood. “Digital buyer sites are the future of selling and relationship-building. Buyers are empowered with personalized digital experiences to evaluate sales content and make decisions faster.”

Founded in 2013—and recently recognized as one of G2’s Top 50 Sales Products of 2022— SalesHood is the leading all-in-one sales enablement platform used by hyper-growth companies to boost sales performance. SalesHood is proven to reduce time to ramp, lift quota attainment and accelerate sales velocity. Companies like Bombora, Ewing-Foley, Live Person,, Omada Health, Palo Alto, Sage, Seagate, RingCentral, Trinet, and Yext use SalesHood to realize fast revenue outcomes. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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SalesHood Launches ENGAGE to Improve Content Effectiveness and Sales Efficiency With Digital Buyer Sites

imp Announces its ‘Landline Landscape Report’ Revealing Landline Use Insights of 40 Million US Households

940 Million Calls Rang Household Landline Phones. Last Week. More than 740 million (79%) of these calls were unwanted.

imp Announces its ‘Landline Landscape Report’ Revealing Landline Use Insights of 40 Million US Households
Landline Landscape Report – United States of America

There are approximately 40 million landline phones in the U.S., and 940 million calls were placed to them last week. 79% of these calls were unwanted.

ETNA, N.H. – August 3, 2022 – (

Approximately 40 million American households use a landline phone. But attention to the prevalence of spam and phone scams has almost exclusively focused on the mobile phone market. With rapid advancements in scammers’ technological abilities, the ineffectiveness of programs like the Do Not Call Registry and STIR/SHAKEN, and a lack of meaningful innovation in the landline phone space, landliners find themselves entrenched in a daily battle with unwanted callers. This is what motivated imp, a smart home company focused on landline technology, to create a solution that actually gets to the root of the problem.

“Scam callers are smart. They constantly change their caller ID and can often make it look like a neighbor is calling. Plus, they have billions of phone numbers to choose from. It is no wonder that blocking doesn’t work,” says Andy Dale, head of Engineering at imp™, the company generating these insights.

In creating its initial “Landline Landscape Report,” imp leverages in-depth analysis from active landline users along with consumer insight from over 14,000 Americans to create the first and only detailed look into consumer landline phone use in the United States.

Key Findings of the Study Include:

83% of Landline Owners are Actively Bothered by Unwanted Calls: Nearly one-third of all households in the U.S. have a landline. Of these households, eight out of every 10 households report being actively bothered by unwanted landline calls.

79% of Landline Calls are Unwanted: Households with a landline phone receive on average 24 calls per week. Landline users classify 19 of these 24 calls as “unwanted.”

Call Blocking is a 5% Solution: Of the 19 unwanted calls received, only one would be stopped by traditional call blocking devices, leaving the other 18 calls access to the landline phone.

Additional Stats from the Study Include:

  • Monthly landline call volume continues to increase at a rate of 7%.
  • The highest number of unwanted calls received by a landline phone in a single day is 103.
  • Landline owners spend close to 45 minutes each week dealing with unwanted calls.  

About imp

Founded in 2019 in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire, imp’s mission is to rid the world of the scourge of the unwanted landline caller. The team consists of old-school landline experts, modern smartphone developers, and network security and privacy architects. Initial customer response has been very positive, with over 98% of customers actually referring the product to friends. For the first time, imp™ is now available to the public. For more information, visit


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imp Announces its ‘Landline Landscape Report’ Revealing Landline Use Insights of 40 Million US Households

Tribun Health Enters a Strategic Partnership With Mindpeak to Provide Pathologists With the Most Advanced AI Diagnostic Tool for Breast Cancer

Mindpeak breast cancer algorithms have been seamlessly integrated into the gold-standard image management software, CaloPix 5, enhancing the pathologist’s possibilities.

PARIS – August 3, 2022 – (

Tribun Health, the European leader in software development for digital pathology, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Mindpeak, a global leader for pathology AI software with world-class industry experts in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms to provide precision and speed in clinical pathology.

Together, Tribun Health and Mindpeak help pathologists analyze whole-slide-images (WSI) of immunohistochemically (IHC) stained human breast cancer tissue (biomarkers: Ki-67, ER and PR) to detect, classify, count cancer cells and to provide the respective quantitative score. This way, pathologists are relieved of tedious and repetitive tasks, which allows them to focus on the most complex cases where their expertise matters most. Tribun Health’s Image Management System and Mindpeak’s AI software are both CE-IVD marked, allowing their use as a medical device for clinical diagnostics and in research alike. 

“As a provider of AI algorithms, we integrate our AI tools deeply into the leading pathology workflow platforms (IMS) available in order to provide the best user experience for pathologists and thereby a reproducible, accurate and quick diagnosis for the patients and their families. For this reason, we are very pleased to announce the integration of our  breast cancer algorithms into CaloPix 5 by Tribun Health”, says Felix Faber, CEO and Founder at Mindpeak.

It is also an alliance between two European companies looking to improve the way diagnosis is delivered by democratizing pathology with AI. “I am very excited about this strategic partnership. We are combining our fields of expertise to deliver ultimate clinical confidence and increased productivity. The integration and development of our catalog of the best third-party algorithms is an integral part of our end-to-end digital pathology suite, providing pathologists with a complete workflow for a high-value experience”, says Jean-François Pomerol, CEO at Tribun Health. Mindpeak’s algorithms are now available in the IMS CaloPix 5, ranked as Europe’s top-performing digital pathology provider in 2022 by Klas Research, which is currently being deployed in various hospitals. Additional algorithms from Mindpeak, notably HER2 and PD-L1, will be integrated in a continuous mode.

About Mindpeak: Mindpeak, founded by Felix Faber and Dr. Tobias Lang, has been developing image analysis software for pathologists based on artificial intelligence since 2018. Partnering with several international laboratories and leading pathology service providers, Mindpeak is continuously expanding its product range and developing it into an indispensable component of the digitalised pathology workflow. Mindpeak’s  AI algorithms for breast cancer diagnosis were the first AI tools for digital pathology to make it into clinical routine in the USA. 

Contact: Carsten Maltzan; PR Advisor; carsten.maltzan(@)

About Tribun Health: Tribun Health is a Paris-based company, addressing a significant and fast-growing need for end-to-end pathology department digitization. The privately held company is a pioneer in pathology workflow solutions and is considered the industry leader by winning the Best in Klas 2022 award for the most successful digital pathology provider in Europe. Tribun Health’s extensive, decade-long expertise drives confidence for laboratories looking for a seamless transition to a digital pathology platform.

Contact: Lorine Marcoux; Marketing Manager; lmarcoux(@)

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Tribun Health Enters a Strategic Partnership With Mindpeak to Provide Pathologists With the Most Advanced AI Diagnostic Tool for Breast Cancer