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USPA Launches America’s First Responsive AI Security Training Program

USPA Nationwide Security rolled out its fully responsive artificial intelligence technology to train security personnel and fire guards. The cutting-edge courses combine programmed rules and human-like instincts to improve the content as the AI continues to learn

USPA Launches America’s First Responsive AI Security Training Program
Albina – USPA Client Experience Manager

Albina – USPA Client Experience Manager completes the company’s first AI Fire Watch Service Training Course

MIAMI – September 2, 2022 – (

USPA Nationwide Security has announced the launch of their Artificial Intelligence Security Training Program that is being rolled out this week to train the 5,000+ security contractors who perform services for the international security conglomerate. After nearly 11 months of research and development, USPA’s CEO, Dan Manning, says the AI, while costly and time-consuming to develop, will save the firm millions over the next decade and leaves no carbon footprint. “Training security contractors with our new technology allows them to learn at their own pace and at their convenience anywhere in the world.” 

The first course developed by USPA is their Fire Watch In-Service Level 1 Series, which consists of two hours of lessons by fully responsive AI instructors. By activating the student’s camera and microphone, the AI can sense movement, sound and even read lips, which will generate a response.

USPA’s artificial intelligence is machine-learning technology, capable of training thousands of security officers simultaneously; a task that traditionally required human cognition, flights, hotels and a lot of time. By combining components from computer and cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, as well as mathematics, the AI learns, teaches and responds in a human-like manner. 

With the assistance of security consultant and former CEO, Michael Evans, the research and development section at USPA also recently launched their Autonomous Security Technology Division (drones that machine learn and operate without human direction). As covered by the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch article, “USPA Nationwide Security Targets Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2023” the security firm says the new AI training is a giant leap forward in terms of their net zero emission promise. 

About USPA Nationwide Security:

Operating in 50 states, USPA is a nationwide security guard firm, specializing in close protection officers, fire watch guards, secure transport and maritime security. With franchise offices in most parts of the USA and security contractors across the globe since 2005, USPA leads the industry in terms of technology, green initiatives and overall customer service. The firm also donates a large percentage of their profits to Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. to fund the rescue of women and children from trafficking. 

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USPA Launches America’s First Responsive AI Security Training Program

Jennifer Banmiller and Dr Tsai Release Groundbreaking Book: Statutory Vape

How Big Tobacco transformed into a vaping public health crisis headed by America’s youth.

SAN FRANCISCO – September 2, 2022 – (

Jennifer Banmiller, pro consumer advocate and owner of publishing company Periscope Group, and Dr. Tsai, renowned thoracic surgeon, have released an alarming and awakening book on the crisis that is vaping. What they uncovered was a horrific public health nightmare for American youth. 

The purpose of this book is to expose this industry for what it is: an unconscionable business that makes billions by selling addictive and potentially fatal products to impressionable youngsters.

The authors hope to shine a spotlight on their insidious plan to hide the dangers of vaping from unsuspecting youth and the “irredeemably evil” fact documented in this book showing the industry preying on children as young as 8 years old by funding summer camps, paying community churches to distribute theorem material, and targeting veterans groups and other vulnerable populations. Targeting young people thus becomes an annuity for the tobacco industry, at a horrible cost to youth.

What began as a master’s thesis for two graduate students ended up as the impetus for one of the most treacherous tricks ever played on the American people and particularly on teens and young adults. Insisting that their product was a smoking cessation product, vaping companies, backed by Big Tobacco companies who saw a way back into the youth smoking market share, created the most enticing and cool E-cigarette products imaginable. The marketing was purposeful. First, through packaging, using high-tech, teen-cool, easily hidden devices called vape pens, reminiscent of Apple products, both colorful and sleek.

No scientific testing was done to protect the public prior to the release of these products. And in the face of all this injury and death, E-cig companies only made minor changes to their products and methods when pressured, and even now, as the CDC declares a national vaping epidemic and every state in the U.S. has enacted laws to protect citizens, and over 60 people have died and thousands are permanently injured, these companies continue to profit.

In Statutory Vape, readers will discover how easy it actually was to perpetrate such a dangerous product, about how a simple design supposedly created for one use became a public health hazard once dollars were the prize, about the lack of scientific testing prior to the release of vapes, and about what is being done now so this never happens again.

To learn more about this national crisis and buy the book, please visit or

For more information on Jennifer Banmiller, visit Jennifer Stanich Banmiller or email [email protected]

Podcast with Dr. Tsai

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Jennifer Banmiller and Dr Tsai Release Groundbreaking Book: Statutory Vape