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AirBolt Introduces World’s Most Advanced GPS Tracker at CES 2023 Press Conference

The Company unleashes its innovative solution and brings advanced GPS asset tracking to enterprise level.

MINNEAPOLIS – January 6, 2023 – (

AirBolt, a leading player in the smart access and assets tracking market, today announced its participation in the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the world’s largest technology trade shows, taking place Jan. 5-8, 2023, in Las Vegas.

AirBolt company representatives will host meetings with interested persons on-site. Partners interested in scheduling a meeting should visit the Company’s CES meeting request page.

The company will officially showcase its cutting-edge live tracking technology with the aim to deliver more peace of mind to its growing community of users, across consumer and enterprise segments. AirBolt GPS tracker offers advanced capabilities at a competitive price to the rapidly growing markets for IoT, travel or vehicle technology.

The Company’s new product release coincides with a time when about $47 billion worth of items are lost each year, and most people spend nearly a year of their lifetime looking for misplaced or lost items.

“We design our products with our customers in mind and have created an ecosystem where our products interact with each other to enhance their capabilities. Our next-generation GPS is an example of such an innovation. It is not only packed with first-class features but also can talk to our Smart Travel Lock and report updates live,” said CEO Kabir Sidhu.

AirBolt has been consistently growing in several consumer segments, including pets, bikes and travel. Recently it has also expanded its focus to enterprise partnerships due to high demand for better tracking solutions in various industries. “AirBolt pioneered the smart access and live asset tracking category. With a global asset tracking market estimated at $55.1B by 2026, AirBolt is at the forefront of a rapidly expanding consumer and enterprise tracking market,” said Head of Partnerships and US Market Jeff Pouliot.

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About AirBolt:

AirBolt is one of the fastest-growing brands in the smart access and assets tracking market. Its product suite includes the award-winning smart travel lock and next-generation GPS, LTE-M, and NB-IoT tracker. The company’s mission is to create a world free of keys, swipe cards, cumbersome combinations & lost valuables. AirBolt works with both Retail and Enterprise markets and have solutions for both segments. With trademarks, design and utility patents registered globally, it strives to push the boundaries daily. For more, please visit:

For media or other inquiries, please contact Jeff from the AirBolt team:
Email: [email protected]

Contact Information:

Jeff Pouliot

Head of Partnerships & US Market
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AirBolt Introduces World’s Most Advanced GPS Tracker at CES 2023 Press Conference

Nile Launches Smart Titration™ for Epilepsy Digital Care Platform

Nile’s Smart Titration™ provides simplified access to support physicians when building complex titrations for epilepsy medication

Nile Launches Smart Titration™ for Epilepsy Digital Care Platform
Nile Smart Titration

Nile Smart Titration ASD Tool

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. – January 6, 2023 – (

Nile AI, Inc. announced today that it has launched its Nile® Smart TitrationTM feature, designed to simplify for clinicians and patients the medication changes frequently utilized for people living with epilepsy. A unique offering among epilepsy patient apps, Smart TitrationTM provides simplified access to medication titration data and allows clinicians to quickly set medication titration schedules for commonly utilized anti-seizure medications (ASMs). Once set and reviewed, the clinician easily sends the updated schedule of medication changes directly to the individual’s Nile epilepsy management app. 

Nile’s digital platform consists of a patient app and a clinician portal. The patient app is an intuitive, smart tool for patients to feel connected with their care team, learn about their journey, and understand and track their progress. The clinician portal offers the ability to view the status of patients at a glance, virtually informs and supports their patients in between appointments, and allows for more data-driven, efficient changes, if needed.

“We know that individuals living with epilepsy sometimes struggle with the many medication changes that may be required to gain better seizure control,” said John Hixson, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Nile AI, Inc. “We are working to provide better tools to facilitate optimal care and communication between clinicians and patients, and we hope that the Smart TitrationTM tool is another valuable part of a comprehensive care management platform for epilepsy.”

About Nile  

Nile AI, Inc., was created to improve care for people living with epilepsy, their caregivers, and healthcare providers (HCPs). Nile was founded with a clear mission in mind: to make the journey of every epilepsy patient more predictable. To that end, Nile offers an epilepsy care management platform that serves as a management tool for the healthcare provider (HCP) and provides patients with peace of mind between consultations, with the ultimate goal of shortening the path to optimal treatment.

Nile, Replacing Trying with Knowing®. For more information, visit

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Nile AI, Inc.
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Nile Launches Smart Titration™ for Epilepsy Digital Care Platform Launches New Version of Revolutionary AI-Powered Podcast Player—Now With ‘More Future’ Launches New Version of Revolutionary AI-Powered Podcast Player—Now With ‘More Future’
The New Fathom Podcast Player

Features include AI semantic search, dynamically generated chapters, clip sharing, and transcripts.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – January 6, 2023 – ( is disrupting the podcast player ecosystem again by introducing more powerful AI functionality into the podcast listener’s experience. With Fathom, listeners get more out of their podcasts, especially those who like to “go deeper”.

When first launched in 2022, Fathom listeners could effortlessly discover new podcasts using a feed of podcast “highlights”—AI-generated previews of podcasts tailored to their interests by Fathom’s AI. Listeners could also ask natural questions such as “How can I improve my focus?” or “What is the future of AI?” and instantly listen to short clips from podcasts that answer the question.

Now Fathom has been completely re-designed to include both game-changing features (like creating custom clips and AI chapters) and daily driver features (downloads, much faster UI), so Fathom easily replaces listeners’ go-to daily podcast player. Let’s dig into what’s in this new redesign:

Clip sharing

Fathom’s podcast player will now allow users to create custom “clips” so that they can share their favorite moments with friends. Fathom uses “smart clipping” AI technology to automatically capture the main idea of that moment, so listeners can confidently save the right moments with just a tap.


Listeners can now easily browse chapters defined by podcasters or using Fathom’s dynamically-generated chapters. Fathom’s chapters are generated in an intelligent way, based on the ideas within the podcasts. Listeners will be able to instantly swipe through any episode’s chapters to get an idea of what it’s all about.


Listeners can now browse a podcast’s entire transcript (generated by AI). Reading a long podcast is as intuitive as skimming through an essay or a book.

Power Drawer

From anywhere on the home screen, listeners can now easily pull down a “power drawer” that contains all of their favorite podcasts, all of the episodes they haven’t finished, and all of their “stations”, which are custom feeds of podcast highlights to help listeners discover podcasts in more personalized ways.

For those already experienced with Fathom’s player, they’ll find a multitude of improvements that have hit every part of the app, including improvements to search and recommendations, episode downloads, a sleep feature, and new episode notifications. 

To experience the Fathom podcast experience, download the iOS app by visiting

Contact Information:

Paul Bloch
[email protected]

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Original Source: Launches New Version of Revolutionary AI-Powered Podcast Player—Now With ‘More Future’