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San Diego County Physical Therapy Clinic Successfully Treats Sports Injuries with ZetrOZ’s New FDA-Cleared sam®x1 Wireless Ultrasound Device

The sam®x1 is an effective tool for treating acute musculoskeletal injuries and the first wireless long-duration ultrasound system that is FDA-cleared for prescription home use.

A physical therapy clinic in San Diego County has found success in using ZetrOZ Systems’ FDA-cleared sam®x1 wireless device to treat sports injuries. Peak Performance Physical Therapy in Solana Beach, California, recently treated a hematoma resulting from a mountain bike crash. The device, the sam®x1, is FDA-cleared for prescription home use and utilizes wireless technology to deliver 33 times more energy than other pulsed ultrasound devices after an hour of treatment.

According to Peak Performance owner and physical therapist Cari McClemons, “The client used the sam®x1 on the hematoma daily for two weeks and saw great results. The patient’s hematoma developed after a mountain bike fall weeks earlier, and with the x1, we saw a change in swelling decline almost immediately. After two weeks with the patient using the sam®x1, the discoloring of the injury had gone down 8%.”

A hematoma is a pool of clotted blood that forms outside the blood vessels. It is a more severe form of bruising and typically occurs due to damage from injury or surgery. As a result, a hematoma can occur anywhere on the body, grow in size, and become life-threatening if left untreated; the sam®x1’s wireless configuration makes it an effective treatment for this use case.

The sam®x1 device is a wireless, portable ultrasound device that is easy to use and can be prescribed for home use, providing patients with a convenient and effective treatment option for hard-to-reach injuries. Backed by over 30 clinical studies, sam® is the result of research funded by the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Defense to discover new methods of soft tissue healing that reduce the use of narcotics and invasive treatments.

“I look forward to working with the sam® devices in the future. Peak PT always wants to bring our patients the best in their recovery, and this technology is really cutting-edge,” McClemons added.

Cari McClemons, MPT, CSTI, CS-P, received her Master’s in Physical Therapy from Emory University. McClemons also worked at Scripps Green Hospital, developing connections with physicians and the athletic community.

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About ZetrOZ Systems

ZetrOZ Systems is leading healing innovations in sports medicine and developing wearable bioelectronic devices for the delivery of sustained acoustic medicine (sam®). Researched and funded by the federal government, ZetrOZ is built on proprietary medical technology of +46 patents and is the exclusive manufacturer and developer of sam®, a product line designed for the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. To learn more, visit

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San Diego County Physical Therapy Clinic Successfully Treats Sports Injuries with ZetrOZ’s New FDA-Cleared sam®x1 Wireless Ultrasound Device

Perform[cb] Unveils Reimagined Marketer User Experience Within Outcome-Based Marketing Technology

Completely reinventing the way marketers acquire customers, Perform[cb]’s proprietary customer acquisition platform’s redesigned dashboard interface delivers an always-on ROAS solution.

Perform[cb] Unveils Reimagined Marketer User Experience
Perform[cb] Unveils Reimagined Marketer User Experience

Perform[cb]’s proprietary customer acquisition platform’s redesigned dashboard interface delivers an always-on ROAS solution.

Perform[cb], a leader across the outcome-based marketing (OBM) industry, launches a reimagined marketer user experience within their proprietary customer acquisition platform. Within the interface, marketers can now easily navigate campaign insights, analyze performance data in real-time, and uncover countless opportunities for optimization. 

Fully equipped with rich data, new widgets, and detailed visuals right at their fingertips, Perform[cb]‘s revamped dashboard is meant to support marketers with the capabilities necessary to strategically scale customer acquisition. This new interface delivers highly anticipated reporting features, including drill-down reporting, click and conversion granular reporting, and dynamic custom reporting. With additional campaign insights and transparency, unmatched account support, and integrations for effortless functionality, marketers can now tie their ROAS directly into Perform[cb]‘s platform. And all of this has been built onto their already award-winning technology suite, complete with a curated partner marketplace and patented fraud protection. 

“Having an in-depth, client-focused tech stack sets Perform[cb] apart from the rest. Our proprietary technology capabilities act as the engine that powers our marketers to acquire customers strategically, safely, and at massive scale – we refer to this as ‘always-on ROAS’,” says Lee Aho, EVP of Marketers. “As we look to the future of PCB, our innovative Outcome Engine development team will continue to deliver strategic optimizations and data-driven insights to exceed all marketers’ KPIs.”

“One of the biggest advantages of having an in-house platform is the ability to innovate and build custom capabilities as the result of direct client feedback. Revamping our marketer’s dashboard interface has given our product design and development teams the opportunity to think outside the box, bringing never-before-seen widgets, visuals, and reporting insights to life,” says Julie Martin, VP of Product Development. “I cannot wait to see how this technology continues to bring optimizations and success to our marketers’ complex campaigns.” 

Perform[cb]‘s proprietary technology platform launched in 2015 and has since grown into the complex vehicle that fuels the company’s Outcome Engine. Built based on direct feedback from marketers and affiliate partners, and with 175K data points analyzed every second, Perform[cb]‘s technology is an always-on solution aligned with every brand’s KPIs.

About Perform[cb]

Recognized as the #1 Performance Network Worldwide since 2015, and an award-winning Affiliate Management Agency, Perform[cb] is a distinguished leader within the outcome-based marketing industry. Founded as Clickbooth in 2002, Perform[cb] experienced exponential organic growth, allowing the company to complete a series of strategic acquisitions, each providing unique outcome-based marketing solutions for modern marketers and publisher partners.

The Perform[cb] Outcome Engine is the world’s first full-funnel digital customer generation tool kit for advertisers. Completely reinventing the way advertisers acquire customers, the Outcome Engine integrates a supremely intelligent customer acquisition platform (CAP) with a broad range of expert services and a highly curated marketplace. The solution provides the strategies, data, and insights marketers need to make the quickest, most informed decisions about their advertising budget. By generating “always-on” ROAS, this groundbreaking methodology, underpinned by patented technology, has changed the landscape of digital marketing forever.

Brands like Walmart, LendingTree, FanDuel, and Capital One have leveraged the Outcome Engine to grow their customer base and lifetime value at scale. Through the innovation of the Outcome Engine, they’ve created an environment that puts brand safety and ROAS at the forefront, giving marketers unprecedented transparency and control. Marketers can expect personalized strategy and account support, multiple at-their-fingertips features, rich, customizable widgets, and dynamic reporting. 

Perform[cb]‘s “Think Bigger” vision is of a future in which all marketers are empowered to maximize the ROI of their advertising dollars by paying only for high-quality customer outcomes. 

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Perform[cb] Unveils Reimagined Marketer User Experience Within Outcome-Based Marketing Technology