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Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. – 2016 AirVenture Innovation Preview

AirVenture is a home for aviation innovation, and we proved it (again!) as EAA and ANN hosted nearly 40 video segments featuring some of this year’s top developments. Produced in association with Aero-News Network’s Aero-TV division, these Oshkosh-centric segments highlighted some of AirVenture 2016’s exhibitors who brought new, innovative and exciting products to the marketplace.

The AIP is designed to whet your whistle and serve as a massive news teaser… an invitation to build serious BUZZ, and promote all the amazing innovations that make Oshkosh one of the most outstanding examples of ingenuity and aero-entrepreneurialism, period. Over the course of a few hours on the Saturday preceding AirVenture 2016, a number of carefully screened companies had THE chance to participate in this expertly produced online aviation news program.

The multi-hour program was distributed by EAA, ANN, Airborne Unlimited, Aero-TV — and continues to be made available to a number of media outlets for distribution in order to build greater participation, extra ‘BUZZ’ — and to further cement AirVenture as the center-point of aviation innovation.

EAA, ANN and Aero-TV are pleased to offer you these individual excerpts from the massive 2016 AirVenture Innovation Preview… of which there will be MANY more to come. Do be advised that the AIP model is being expanded to over a dozen new events through the end of 2017… and even more thereafter. Stay tuned!

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