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Aero-TV At OSH21: Hartzell Brands Invest Heavily Into General Aviation

Aero-TV At OSH21: Hartzell Brands Invest Heavily Into General Aviation

JJ Frigge Talks To Aero-News About Their Vision For the Future

Over the past couple of years, Hartzell Family Brands has divided itself into three main operating companies. Those companies being: Hartzell Propeller in Piqua, Ohio, Hartzell Engine Technologies in Montgomery Alabama, and Aircraft Welding Incorporated located in Eagan, Minnesota.

“What we have tried to do is really invest in firewall forward technology across general aviation,” says JJ Frigge, President, Hartzell Propeller. “We are focusing on the GA market, we are focusing on firewall forward so engine accessories, propellers, anything in that realm where we can add one of three things or ideally all three: quality, performance, and support. We are interested in the entire life cycle from certification and design and manufacturing of the product all the way through the distribution, service, and support on the back end,“ he says.

The companies’ recent acquisitions include the purchase of Tanis aircraft products, located in Minnesota. According to JJ, they have a great reputation across the industry for quality and their products do a nice job of preheating engines, cabins, and batteries. Tanis fits into Hartzell’s portfolio nicely as they share a similar manufacturing process to some of the products Hartzell makes for de-ice. The company seeks to expand their heated products line under Hartzell Prop such as de-ice on the propellers to preheat systems for the engine.

The Hartzell Family is definitely interested in growing, according to Frigge. They seek their growth, organically, in addition to partnering with other companies.

“Our product portfolio, and the activity, has never been greater,” he says. “We are looking to continue to invest in composite technology, looking at lower-end and higher-end and really make sure that we are designing products that meet the needs of the mission profile for the aircraft and the engine and ultimately, the end-user. So absolutely, we are going to continue to invest. It’s a playbook that we’ve been after for 100 plus years and I’m excited about where we are headed.”

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