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Aero-TV At SnF21: Electrifying The Aerolite EV-103

An Exceptional Effort Yields An Electric Ultralight Based on A Proven Airframe

With over 1000 examples flying, there is rarely anything unusual about seeing an Aerolite 103 take to the skies… especially a place like Sun ‘n Fun. But then again, all you have to do is let your ears take over and something REALLY interesting happens… there is very little noise… and most of it is being made by the prop and NOT the engine… which happens, in this case, to be an electric motor!

Aerolite’s Dennis Carley admits that the experience ‘re-energizes’ him and has opened new avenues of interest as he develops the electric version of the Aerolite EV-103. He notes that the airframe adapts to electric power with few changes, outside of the power system, and that the airplane flies about the same as it does with gas power… just quieter and smoother.

Electric power boasts only a quarter of the noise associated with gas power, making this development a potentially good neighbor wherever you may be flying. Carley boasts that the e-Aerolite is the only aircraft he can fly without hearing protection. With four batteries installed, the EV-103 can offer up to an hour of flight time… and maybe a little more if you’re not trying to get somewhere in a hurry.

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