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Aero-TV: Remos Aircraft – A New Breed of General Aviation

November 5th through November 7th, an international assembly of over 7,500 aviation enthusiasts and industry leaders convened in Tampa, Florida, for the inaugural AOPA Summit. In front of attending guests, AOPA unveiled its 2010 sweepstakes aircraft, a Remos GX light sport aircraft. Attendees got a first look at the aircraft that, as Craig Fuller expressed, hopes to encourage individuals who had not been able to fly before finally make the transition into the aviation community. The announcement marked the first time that AOPA has featured an LSA as part of the Fun to Fly Sweepstakes.

Based on modern design and safety equipment, the Remos GX includes both air bags and a ballistic parachute system. The Remos boasts a spec sheet that maxes out the definition of what the LSA category allows, with a cruise speed of 130 mph and a top speed of 137 mph. On the low side of the equation, the Remos offers a dirty configuration stall speed (Vso) of 44 mph and 51 mph all cleaned up. With a glide ratio of 10:1, the bird can take off in as little as 510 ft, climb 1050 fpm, and use as little as 270 ft for landing.

Due to its structural strength and rigidity, the aircraft offers additional safety benefits for potential consumers making it one of the leading market contenders in the light sport segment.

Additionally, Remos expresses a dedicated commitment to reaching new potential members of the aviation community. Holding to the belief that LSAs success will ultimately dictate the success of the G.A. market, the company continues to stress the necessity of aviation value in order to increase consumer relevancy in the difficult economy.

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