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Aviation Industry Full Strength in 2022 ALREADY?!?!

Aviation Industry Full Strength in 2022 ALREADY?!?!

I’m just really excited for what 2022 is going to bring the aviation industry. Another year, a fresh start and dare I say it a remarkably fast recovery for the aviation industry. Wow!

From productivity, tech, aircraft, flying techniques to ground school and much more. I’m here to help you get through flight training efficiently and cost effectively. And most importantly, I want you to be less stressed and have more fun with it!

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Time Stamps:
00:00 hi pilots and aviation lovers, happy new year
00:28 about this aviation channel
00:56 aviation industry in the USA is making a fast comeback
01:25 airlines couldn’t keep up with the demand over the holidays
02:05 demand in China for domestic flights is higher than pre-pandemic times
02:27 world wide travel is lagging behind
02:40 the pandemic is still top of mind
03:20 is it still worth it to become a pilot in 2022
05:40 let me know your experience with flight training right now
06:15 check out Fly Good Nation
07:29 see you in the next aviation themed video!

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