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Trump’s attorney compares classified documents case to an ‘overdue library book’

Trump’s attorney compares classified documents case to an ‘overdue library book’

Former President Trump’s defense team compared classified material at Mar-a-Lago to overdue library books during a hearing in Florida where a judge is considering the President’s bid for a special master. CNN’s Poppy Harlow discusses this development with a panel of experts. #CNN #News

24 thoughts on “Trump’s attorney compares classified documents case to an ‘overdue library book’

  1. Sorry Donald…LIEbraries do not exist in the top drawers and the basement of one's private residence! Those make-believe lawyers know they haven't a leg to stand on because there is NO defense left for Trump! He's LIED himself into a corner! I hope this corner is an entrance to a prison cell –

    WELL OVER 100 classified emails sent from private email address
    Obstructing an investigation by deleting emails & destroying Blackberrys
    If they charge Trump for ANYTHING it'll price there are two levels of justice in the US

  3. Watch CNN's production "DECLASSIFIED: UNTOLD STORIES OF AMERICAN SPIES" for a look at the penalties trump faces for mishandling classified material. i'm giddy with anticipation.

  4. How personally I believe every Trump supporters should go out and buy a multicolored wig and wear it to the rallies and polling booth. How ironic would it be to see the Trump supporters take that away from the mentally ill woke movement. Imagine Trump supporters standing in line one after another wearing a multicolored wig and supported the Republicans. God in heaven please let this happen. LMFAO

  5. Trump selected a Judge of his choice of which he appointed. This must be appealed & removed from her special interest. Grants Donald Trump's request for special master, halts government review wasting time of national damage security at risk here. She is putting Trump first ahead of the country. This has to be removed from her NOW

  6. Evidence at a crime scene is always photographed to provide documentary evidence to a court or public prosecution a 10 year old knows this but Trump can tell republicans this is illegal and only done to him because they are after him this stupid man would be willing to sell all of you down the river for a MacDonald's meal then throw the paper it came in on the floor for one of his lawyers to clean up and not pay the lawyers after they wake up that he is a Ahole

  7. Trump sold me outdated classified documents the moon 🌚 is not made of cheese 🧀 we have known this for years seriously years maybe 🤔 Trump didn’t know 🤨🧐

  8. Why would he have classified or top secret files people should be seriously concerned about this doesn't matter if your a Republican or Democrat or like or dislike Biden or Trump.

  9. Why do you think Trump picked Him? They're on the same page! Trump has a classified folder hanging on the wall of His 45-Bar. It's all about celebrity! If Donald Trump doesn't get, His ego might suffer

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