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Safe and Immediate Personal Fire Protection

KOMODO 911 Tactical 4oz for military holsters, and Portable Pro 16oz for anywhere a fire may occur

K911 Renegade 2.5 gallon Fire Can

K-911 Renegade 2.5 gallon refillable Fire Can – 20X more effective than water

Fires Kill More Americans each year than All Natural Disasters Combined. Help Protect Families, Friends, Teams, and others with KOMODO 911

…the fire was completely extinguished using just the 16oz can of K-911. I highly recommend any police officer, especially motorcycle officers, to carry K-911 in their patrol unit or motorcycle.”

— California Motorcycle Officer

MORGAN HILL, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 13, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Komodo Fire Systems, Inc. the pioneer in environmentally safe fire prevention, safeguarding property, and infrastructure from the devastation of wildfires, is introducing KOMODO 911, based on federally certified, and eco-friendly plant-based technology. Komodo 911 is designed to be a must-have fire safety item for any age adult, gender, and occupation, readily accessible in the garage, kitchen, RV’s, boats, autos, and anywhere the risk of fire exists. It is the perfect traveling companion for campers, hunters, hikers, and others while providing a clean, rapid response capability to industries like food & hospitality, facilities management, and automobile services.

KOMODO 911 is a Professional-Grade, non-toxic emergency fire suppressant delivered in a light and portable form factor that can be carried as a “Tactical” (4oz) spray in holsters and pouches by Military and Law Enforcement. The 16oz “Pro” version can be easily transported and quickly accessed by travelers anywhere, at any time. The Komodo 911 “Renegade,” a larger 2.5-gallon reusable and refillable canister, used by firefighters, the motorsports industry, and other professionals will be released in the second quarter of 2024. Ultimately, Komodo 911 has been created to put out fires faster, with a plant-based suppression technology that is 20X more effective than water and technology certified by the USDA and US Forestry to be safe for people, plants, pets, and the environment. Komodo 911 does not contain forever chemicals such as PFOS or PFAS, is not harmful to end users, and is 100% Made in the USA.

Recently a Motorcycle Officer in Central California reported seeing “smoke coming from a vehicle engine, flames were growing, and flaming fluid was dripping from the engine compartment, so I grabbed my can of K911, sprayed the engine area, and extinguished the fire underneath. The fire was completely extinguished using just the 16oz can of K-911. I highly recommend any police officer to carry a can of K-911 in their patrol unit or motorcycle for fast response.”

According to company founder and CEO, Shawn Sahbari, “Komodo maintains an unrelenting commitment to the environment, health, and safety of all who fight fire. The success of our enterprise-level technology has led to the development of Komodo 911, for personal fire protection. Our military and law enforcement heroes currently have limited options when they encounter a small fire. Also, some of the 350,000 structural home fires each year could be avoided with a more readily accessible, easy-to-use personal extinguisher. These factors have compelled us to use our federally certified, safe technology to better protect professionals and anyone who may encounter a fire emergency.”

About Komodo Fire Systems, Inc.
Komodo Fire Systems, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Morgan Hill, California, in the technology hub of Silicon Valley. A pioneer in safe, non-toxic, plant-based firefighting solutions, Komodo’s continuous research and development have led to the manufacture of professional-grade fire prevention and suppression technology, certified by US Forestry, USDA, and Cal Fire Marshall. Komodo is committed to fighting fires with the best technology in the world, while not harming the environment, people, or animals. Visit us on the web at www.komodo-fire.com.

Francis Garcia
Komodo Fire Systems
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Komodo 911 Non-Toxic Emergency Fire Suppression

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/687585339/komodo-fire-systems-introduces-k-911-emergency-fire-suppression-safe-and-immediate-personal-fire-protection

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