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January '21 Technology Digest | All the Technology News for January 2021 in One Issue!

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You’re on the PRO Robots channel and in this issue of High Tech News we have collected for you the most interesting and exciting technology news for January 2021 and as a bonus also our CES 2021 overview which took place from 11th to 14th January.

Robots in different areas of life, drones, drones, innovations from Boston Dynamics, Elon Musk and Spacex. All this and more in this new edition of high-tech news. Watch the video to the end and write in the comments, which news impressed you more than others?

Watch the video to the end and write in the comments which news interested you most?

0:00 Intro
0:29 Samsung Bot Care robotic home assistant
0:58 Samsung Bot Handy robot butler
2:07 Samsung smart robot vacuum cleaner
2:27 Dual Arm Robot with two arms
2:51 General Motors Cadillac eVTOL flying car
3:28 ProMare unmanned navigation technology
3:51 LG unveiled a disinfector robot
4:10 Open source teleoperated robot
4:31 Tactile Telerobot
5:00 Educational robot K1
5:28 Sony unveiled its first Airpeak drone
5:57 Home scout robot Scout
6:31 Squid Warehouse robot for warehouses
6:55 Panasonic unveils holographic display for cars of the future
7:32 Yves Saint Laurent and L’Oreal unveiled a gadget to create any shade of lipstick
7:57 Toto’s smart toilet
8:12 Lasso smart home garbage sorter
8:51 Nobi ceiling light with drop sensor
9:00 Razer smart mask
9:38 xHale smart mask
9:50 Mask with built-in headphones MaskFone
10:03 BioButton health monitoring gadget
10:22 MOFLIN robot pet
10:51 Moxi educational robot
11:51 Silicon Valley
12:25 Protein spatial structure
12:57 Robots are sculptors
13:27 Panorama from Mars
13:56 China’s space mission
14:20 An Autonomous Taxi in China
15:03 Invisible Aircraft
15:41 Drone to carry cargo into space
16:19 ANYbotics received over $22 million to develop and scale its business
16:56 Chinese four-legged robot
17:24 Semi-autonomous four-legged robot
17:48 Mars Rover
18:07 High-speed underground system
18:43 World’s Largest Robot
19:34 Elon Musk will send Tom Cruise to the ISS
20:33 What Elon Musk will spend his fortune on, becoming the richest man in the world
20:57 Tesla’s biggest electric charging station
21:35 Tesla Model 3 autopilot
22:22 Dutch company PAL-V Liberty’s flying car
23:13 An air taxi started in China
23:48 Microsoft patents a way to digitally reincarnate a person
24:36 BrainRobotics has created a prosthesis with artificial intelligence
25:01 Volkswagen unveiled a prototype robot to charge an electric car
25:38 UK army introduces nano drones
26:07 Gazprom Neft tested a prototype of KAMAZ’s Chelnok unmanned truck
26:39 Marker robotics platform has covered 30 km in autonomous mode

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