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MEE NFT with The Nifty Nuggets

MEE NFT with The Nifty Nuggets

In this episode we sit down with the team behind MEE NFT, the NFT that will change clothing brands forever.

Disclaimer : This is not a financial advise, please kindly know your own risk and Do Your Own Research.

NFT Projects show AMA.

Welcome to the Nifty Nuggets Drive Thru AMA channel! The one stop sauce (get it) of all AMAs NFT and Crypto. We do AMAs with the latest NFT Projects coming soon to buy on the secondary market on Opensea or LooksRare.

We’ll be covering all the latest news in the NFT verse and will be offering plenty of educational resources helping both newbies and seasoned veterans alike. From the basics like ‘what is an NFT?’, ‘how to buy NFTs’ and ‘how to get into NFT investing’ or even ‘what is Opensea?. Right the way to more advanced topics such as NFT tools, NFT analytics and overall NFT market analysis.

Coming into the NFT space can be daunting and we’ll highlight some of the new nfts, how to get onto an nft whitelist, flipping nfts and most importantly the nft projects to look out for!

The NFT show is an all around NFT guide and NFT news source for anyone hoping to make money in NFTs. From the most hyped nfts to even the smaller lesser known nft drops, we’ll bring you quality content including AMAs from NFT projects upcoming as well as more established blue-chip NFT projects Opensea. Maybe we’ll even show you how to mint your own Opensea NFT!

NFT projects new, old, NFT projects to buy NOW as well as some analysis of past launches… NFT projects to watch and even the new wave of NFT crypto tokens that seems to be the new meta.

Whether its NFT Alpha your after, or just NFTs explained, Nifty Nuggets are here to help you find the best NFT projects 2022 and beyond.

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