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Belize Requiring All Visitors To Buy Travel Health Insurance

Belize Requiring All Visitors To Buy Travel Health Insurance

Rules for traveling to Belize are getting stricter in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Starting February 15, travelers will need to purchase travel insurance in order to enter the Central American country.

What The Insurance Covers

The Belize Travel Health Insurance will cost $18 and provides coverage for up to 21 days and $50,000 in expenses related to a positive COVID-19 test. Belize government officials say the new requirement will help anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 while visiting and is therefore not able to return home. Specifically, the required coverage will include up to $2,000 for lodging expenses, as well as any expenses related to an extended stay. Emergency situations, such as air evacuation, will also be covered. 

The Belize Travel Health Insurance will be available on the country’s health website soon. Health officials are encouraging all visitors to purchase the insurance online prior to travel in order to speed up the entry process. However, the insurance will be available to buy in person at Philip Goldson International Airport or at the borders if traveling by car. 

There are very few exemptions to the new health insurance requirement. They include permanent residents, flight crews, and travelers with what’s called a Long Stay Status (i.e. travelers granted permission to stay in the country for longer than the standard 30 days).

Additional Entry Requirements

Even with the new insurance requirements, visitors will still be required to present a negative COVID-19 test no more than 96 hours prior to arrival for a PCR test and 48 hours for a rapid test. This test requirement is for every traveler regardless of vaccination status. If you are not able to obtain a test before travel, you will need to get one when you land (or cross the border) at a cost of $50 per person. The only exception to the testing rule is for children under 5. All visitors must also take a COVID-19 test before leaving at one of the country’s approved testing sites

Guests must also book lodging through the country’s Gold Standard program and provide documentation confirming those bookings. Belize set up the program to ensure the highest safety and cleanliness standards in order to keep visitors safe and healthy. 
Once you book your trip to Belize, don’t miss the Belize Barrier Reef! And check out this page for more fun activities to do while you’re there.

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