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Cayman Islands welcome GA travel

Cayman Islands welcome GA travel

Pilotsencouraged to plan ahead

February 18, 2022

Contrary to what some are hearing, the Cayman Islands are open and welcoming to general aviation travel. 

Cayman Islands welcome GA travel

Landing slots and fees do remain in line with what pilots have expected from airports and FBOs in the Caymans; according to AOPA’s partner CST Flight Services, landing fees at Owen Roberts International Airport remain $10 to $15 USD for a Cessna 182 with parking still at $5 per day USD. AOPA continually monitors FBO fees and transparency in the United States and abroad.

If the Cayman Islands are on your flight radar, take a look at this important document on slot approvals and crew requirements from the Cayman Islands Airports Authority. You also should call ahead and check on any increased ground handling fees, Cuban overflight permits, and COVID guidelines.

Check out our AOPA Caribbean Pilot Guide to plan your flights and trips to the islands.

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