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Constance Ephelia’s Eight Year Sustainability Success Story

Constance Ephelia’s Eight Year Sustainability Success Story

Constance Ephelia

Over 8 years Ephelia aimed to improve the management of biodiversity within the resort as well as surrounding areas.

Constance Ephelia Seychelles enjoys a unique location set within 120 hectares of land with luxuriant and rare vegetation, situated on two of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Mahé overlooking the Marine National Park of Port Launay and the Morne Seychellois National Park.

Over eight years Ephelia aimed to improve the management of biodiversity within the resort as well as of the surrounding areas, by enhancing the collaboration between the resort and its community partners. The focus was to minimise our impact on the surrounding environment by following a proper energy, water and waste management plan, enhancing the structural efficiency as well as creating awareness amongst our employees to follow best practices.

The COVID 19 crisis has demonstrated the benefits of operating in close relationship with the local community, not only for the income contribution for the community in such a difficult time, but also for the availability and supply of adequate food products to sustain the operation, when borders were closed. Constance Ephelia has also elevated hygiene protocols at the resort due to the crisis, in order to provide both our employees and guests a safe place to work and spend their vacation respectively.

Green Globe recently re-certified Constance Ephelia Seychelles in acknowledgement of eight consecutive years of certification. In addition, the hotel was re-certified with the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label being certified since 2012, representing the cornerstone of Sustainable Tourism in Seychelles.

Constance Ephelia follows a comprehensive sustainability management plan that includes innovative green ideas. A network analysis of all generators was completed in 2011 to ensure best efficiency is maintained, central chillers for air conditioning have been installed and there are no boilers due to the heat exchanger producing ample hot water (60`C). Dryers are powered by LPG gas and only energy efficient equipment is purchased.

Water saving measures include an in-house desalination plant and the planting of native plants throughout the grounds. Endemic flora and fauna can be seen in various locations and the Coco de Mer palm (Lodoicea maldivica) was first planted within the Hotel premises in 2014 with additional nuts planted in 2021 to support the national initiative to secure and promote this vulnerable species. Recycled water from the onsite sewage treatment plant is used for irrigation to minimize water usage.

Constance Ephelia has a wide-ranging recycling program in place that includes recycling of plastic bottles, scrap metal and batteries, aluminium cans, electronic waste and food waste. In 2021, the Resort started to recycle glass bottles which are pulverized and used as a construction filling material. In addition used cooking oil is now recycled into bio fuel to give this hazardous waste a second life. The in-house water bottling plant currently reuses and refills 800 glass bottles per day thereby reducing plastic bottle consumption. Like for the beer bottles, which are given back to the supplier to refill, Ephelia started to offer drinking water in the Restaurants from local suppliers in glass bottles which substantially reduces the amount of plastic bottles used.

Constance Ephelia takes great effort to produce minimum food ‘waste’. The sale of chicken bones and fish head waste to generate revenue is an interesting innovation at the property. In addition, some of the food refuse is collected by a farmer and fed to pigs on the island while vegetable remains are composted or segregated and fed to the family of Aldabra giant tortoises who live onsite. Guests are welcome to participate in the tortoise feeding. Serving food in our Buffet restaurant and Staff canteen due to the Covid regulations had surprising effects with a reduction of food left overs by 60%.

Constance Ephelia supports various environmental and social initiatives to enhance regional development. In line with our Mangrove Management Plan the hotel implemented the project Community based Management of the Port Launay Mangrove RAMSAR Site in Seychelles in collaboration with the Port Glaud environment club and the local NGO Sustainability for Seychelles and Mangroves for the Future (MFF). In 2020, a new collaboration started with Nature Seychelles to implement the project Enhancing coastal and marine socio-ecological resilience and biodiversity conservation in the Western Indian Ocean also known as Locally Empowered Area Protection (LEAP). Following the project the LEAP Junior club was set up in 2021 for students from the primary and secondary schools who reside in Port Glaud to learn more about the ocean that surrounds them so that they may develop and encourage more positive attitudes towards the marine environment.

Many students visit the hotel for environment educational tours and workshops with community members. This includes planting and clean up activities in which guest are encouraged to participate for a unique holiday experience. All planted seeds are monitored in our nursery and the resort established some sample plots within the wetland to monitor the transplanted saplings. This will help in setting a scientific approach for mangrove propagation and rehabilitation in regards to growth and survival rate of the 7 different mangrove species growing in that area and in Seychelles at large.

The incorporation of local culture is integral to the hotel’s sustainability plans. Constance Ephelia uses elements of local art, design and cultural heritage in its architecture and promotes creole cuisine, handicrafts by local artisans and musicians. Guests are invited to experience the local culture and traditions in Creole themed evenings offering a taste of authentic Seychellois cuisine prepared with locally sourced products against a backdrop of local live music and the chance to enjoy the Resort’s locally made rum (Takamaka Bay the Constance edition). A Green Guide with illustrations by a local artist was has also been created to provide more sustainability information for interested guests. To enhance the guest experience more environment sustainability tours are offered and Constance Ephelia officially opened its second internal nature trail with informative signboards and viewpoints of the unique surrounding.

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