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The Attraction of Mount Hope in Lancaster

Lancaster Inn & Suites is an option for tourists looking to visit Mount Hope in Lancaster

LANCASTER, PA, USA, June 10, 2022 / — Mount Hope is a very attractive tourist spot in the Lancaster County of Pennsylvania. It has a prominent historic vibe and its origins and stories of development are enough to enthrall the history lovers among the tourist groups. Apart from the scenic views at Mount Hope, there are also a variety of hotspots designed for the amusement of tourists that cater to lots of different tastes. One of the most prominent attractions situated on Mount Hope is certainly the historic Mount Hope Estate, which beautifully combines ancient architecture style with a contemporary rustic touch.

The Grubb Family Iron Dynasty based their operations from that Estate in the 19th century and is spread out over 2,500 acres and contains an iron charcoal kind of furnace, mill, and various institutional structures. It houses most things that are needed within a town. All the employees that worked at the place had their housing on the spot only. There was also a general store where the people at the place could buy their supplies from, a school where children could go to, a church where people could go to pray. It was once a thriving industrial site and a small rustic village where one could get the rustic feel of the place.

The whole construction took place in a general Federal style that distinguishes it from other similar structures. The Estate was designed that way to become a Federal-style home for the Iron family that inhabited it. The mansion was built from red sandstone that gives it a domineering look. Some of the other attractive sites within the place are the Mount Hope Estate and Winery, Swashbuckler Brewing Company, Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, and many other sites that are sure to attract several eyeballs. This makes weddings at Mount Hope such joyous occasions. The Winery was opened in 1980 after the vines were planted. The Swashbuckler Brewing Company was inaugurated in 2000 during the Renaissance Faire at a production level of just 1,200 barrels. It was originally located in the Swashbuckler Brew Pub, but after the scale of production increased, it was moved elsewhere. Its annual capacity has increased by 25% to 1500 barrels as per the recent statistics.

The Mount Hope Winery was aimed at attracting tourists to the Estate. For tourists who are looking to visit Mount Hope in Lancaster can always choose to stay at Lancaster Inn & Suites, located at 1475 Lancaster Road, Manheim PA 17545 USA. The rooms are comfortable and all the basic features and amenities are available inside the premises and some more.Initially, the production set and vineyards of the Winery were located in Lake Erie County as recently as 2015, after which the entire production responsibility was turned over to Lancaster County, with the production schedule also undergoing significant upgrades to cater to a larger percentage of people. The scenic spots that are scattered around Mount Hope make it one of the most sought-after wedding venues. Almost all of the sites near the Estate is an ideal Mount Hope wedding venue. Mount Hope is also home to Lancaster County Cider that is available at the Mount Hope Wine Shop at Manheim. The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is an interesting place as various music shows, cultural shows, and other shows are held there. A 16th Century Tudor village has been replicated at the site, which is rich with heritage and luxury and appeals to a lot of tourists.

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